Last Chance to See: Some Inspiration Films

We’re preparing for the arrival of some new films in our Inspiration collection. And that means that we have to say goodbye to some old friends in our library in order to make room. So, if you’ve not seen them yet, be sure to check out the following sessions before they’re gone!

To Be Removed 31 January

  • A Dog’s Life 1
  • A Dog’s Life 2
  • Raymond Poulidor
  • Thursday Fields

To Be Removed 28 February

  • Outskirts 1
  • Outskirts 2
  • Outskirts 3
  • Therabouts 1
  • Therabouts 2
  • Tour of Ara
  • Thin White Line
  • Aspirations of the Pamirs

Within SYSTM, there is an alert in the description for each of these items that it’s Last Chance to See.


Cloud account getting to full? :laughing:


More like wallet getting too empty! :slight_smile: We have a budget that only allows us to keep a certain volume of titles in the library. We want to keep things fresh in the Inspiration category so we need to remove older titles that have been around for awhile in order to make room for some new favorites.


Hmmm if one has downloaded said videos will they still disappear?

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Yes. We will remove the content item from the library so you’ll not be able to access it anymore, even if you’ve downloaded it or ridden it in the past.

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Good to know. Not like the before days when we had to order the download by sending in a check! lol

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I certainly appreciate 1) new content coming in the Inspiration videos, 2) getting advance notice of the removal.
Thank you sir David.


Thursday Fields was one of my favorites.


Me too! I also have a soft spot for the Raymond Poulidor one. But hopefully you’ll find some new favorites in the new releases when they come out (date for those is still TBD).


I really enjoyed Thursday Fields too.

Thanks for the advance notice, Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS. I’ve been meaning to watch Thereabouts 2, and have been putting it off, so will make sure I watch it soon.


Tour of Ara is my absolute favourite!!! Makes me super homesick and i soured me to start riding gravel. Luckily I own a Vimeo copy!


This announcement is a step in the right direction compared to the GCN announcement! Thank you and makes sense to keep it fresh!


Thursday Fields is a phenomenal film. Will have to schedule it one more time by month’s end.


Appreciate the heads up. Thank you Sir.


I’ve been meaning to ride a few of these, so I definitely appreciate the heads up.

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There are a few I would count as favorites but the library is still pretty full. But I do appreciate the notice!

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What happens if one of those is in a current plan ? Will it be replaced automatically by another one ? Thanks and greeting from Switzerland where it all began :laughing:


Thanks for the notification. Will the downloaded content be automatically deleted from the local storage (asking for those of us who have to keep an eye on disk space)?


+1 to this. If anyone hasn’t seen it, try and fit it in before it goes, it’s a really nice film.