Installed Sufferfest, how do I make it work?

I sent the minions a support ticket, so I am looking forward to a response, but figured I’d share this in case other new users have this issue…

New to indoor training, I’ve got a pretty nice setup and have tried several cycling programs thus far including Zwift, Rouvy and more recently RGT. All of those were a breeze to setup and it only took several minutes each.

All excited to get started with Sufferfest, created an account last night, setup my profile, then the next step was to install the software and get my devices connected. It was late, so I figured I’d do that today during my lunch hour.

I fired up my Windows 10 PC, found the software and started the download, then got kitted up and ready for my first workout. Clicked on the desktop icon for Sufferfest and now I’m at a complete standstill - totally stuck. I don’t see anywhere to get started or setup devices, etc. There’s a 2-1/2 minute video and a bunch of hyperlinks that lead to help topics on a website.

I must be missing something right? I read through almost all of the getting started materials last night, watched videos and revisited them today, but I don’t see anywhere that indicates how to get the software running to start the Sufferfest.

I don’t see anywhere within the software that allows a user to get started, and definitely no wizard that takes you step by step through a setup and getting started.

What am I missing?

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Open The 'Home' Tab – Sufferfest Support in your desktop browser.
This was a good learning start point for me. Check this topic and some similar you can reach from left side menu. Just make sure you open it on your computer, otherwise that left side menu will remain closed.
You can connect devices only after starting a workout.
EDITED: Explore more topics under Using The Sufferfest App in the left side menu there for complete information.

I hope this helps (and to be fair to you, there is a little bit of a learning curve so it does take a bit of time to get used to it all) In SUF, you first select the video you’d like to ride, then, once you’ve done that, you connect all your sensors. (the next time you ride, the app will remember your sensors and usually automatically connect).

So, you need to select a video you’d like to ride, which you’d do by selecting “Workouts” from the menu at the top of the screen. After you do that, all the cycling vids will be listed on the left and you can scroll through them to find one that interests you. Perhaps for your very first ride you can select something like “Igniter” which is a great warmup ride (its often best to download the vid ahead of time which can take a few minutes just click the little download icon ) once its downloaded there’ll be a little green checkmark.

With the workout selected on the left, the workout details will show on the right and you can click play from there. The box to connect sensors should then show up and you should be able to take it from there. Part of the reason the SUF app doesn’t just start is that there are several different types of videos from Cycling (the main one) to Yoga, Strength Training and Mental Toughness Training.

As for contacting the minions, if you did that through their website it might not work as well as sending them an email directly to



There also should be a getting started workout: ## Getting Started: Desktop

It should help you get everything set up. Click the Workouts tab in the app, and it should be the third workout from the top of the list (after Full Frontal and Half Monty).


Once you’ve completed the ## Getting Started: Desktop workout (which won’t take long), I suggest you load up the 14 Day Trial Plan. Go to Training Plans / Special Focus / 14 Day Trial plan.

Once you’ve selected it, you’ll be able to access a given day’s workout directly from your calendar. The Trial plan does a really nice job of showing you around the app.

If you have a slow internet connection, I second the recommendation that you download a given day’s video before playing it.

Oh, and most importantly, welcome and have fun!


Yah. What he said. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the kind help and info. I’ll try drilling into this when I have more time and patience to see if I can get it going. I use bunches of different enterprise class and cobbled together software for work and trying to figure out another complicated program wasn’t what I had in mind and sucked the motivation right of me. After trying the others, (Zwift, Rouvy, RGT), I assumed this one would be just as easy to use.

I was so super excited about starting Sufferfest, it sounded very structured with step by step training workouts and rides with a purpose which is what I was looking for in cycling software. The sign up process was very polished and streamlined, but the PC program I downloaded and opened was about as fun as getting a flat tire during a rain storm on the side of a highway. I gave up on it and did an RGT workout :frowning:


@toddsdonald if it helps, I’m happy to set up a Zoom call and share screens and walk you through it.
Oddly enough, loads of people I know battle with the RGT setup because it needs two devices. Once you’ve had a look through, it’s pretty straightforward, just is different. Give me a shout if you’d like some help via a screenshare


I find people’s different experiences quite interesting.

For my part, SUF was always very plug and play. Zwift I have had countless problems with (I gave up, plus I found it dull), RGT eventually worked and bKool was such an utter waste of time I deleted it and my account out of disgust. Rouvy always worked well though it took some time initially getting it to work and more recently it has been flakey again. I use a huge range of software with work. The nice thing about this world is that everyone has slightly different set-ups in terms of bikes, trainers & devices but we all get to suffer to the same tune(s).

Sorry, didn’t mean to threadjack. My point was jsut to encourage you to give it a chance. It’s a wonderful place, and now you’re this far you can never leave anyway.


A warm welcome to you Toddsdonald. Lots of good advice from earlier posts, so nothing much to add here. When I first joined Suff. I got the app ready to use then hit the big “now what” and it felt intimidating. I got riding by selecting a workout and troubleshooting as I went along. I found this easy. Like trying to drive a car by reading instructions from a book, you only get so far. Turn on your devices, click add sensor, you will see a list of the available sensors found, add them, and boom you are ready to ride

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Thank you all for your kindness - seems to be working now, I guess its just the difference in the software platforms and that Sufferfest doesn’t fit into the “typical” and had me confused. Lisa I cannot thank you enough! You helped me get it up and running, taking time out f your own day and family time to help a total stranger. As a fellow cyclist - many thanks and I’ll check back in when I’ve got the 14 day training plan done. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You’re so welcome Todd! Happy to help! It should all run smoothly for you now!!! Enjoy your Suffering!!!


Just checking back after my initial 14 day training plan. Loving it so far. What’s the next thing I should put in my calendar? Currently I have the “Full Frontal Prep Plan” setup… Is that the best way to get started prior to plans like “Power Builder” or “Speed Demon”?


Having a 4DP Profile will ensure that your workouts are optimized for your abilities.


Thank You :wink: