Help! Super noob trying to get started

I’m a mountain biker who is venturing into the indoor training world for the first time. But the learning curve is SO HUGE! I feel like everything I read is in Greek. (It would also be helpful to mention that I’m also new to power meters, cadence, FTP and pretty much every other word I’ve read as I try to learn about this new adventure…) Anyway. I’ve got me a sparkly new Wahoo Kickr smart trainer, got the mtb hooked on, and am now perplexed about WHAT THE HECK I do next. I don’t even know what I don’t know. I’m signing up for Sufferfest (because I think that makes a logical next step?), and then… what? I’m looking for a Dummy’s Guide to getting started on a smart trainer. Can anyone point me to resources on getting started? Or can anybody out there dumb-down my next steps for me?


Hi Jen and welcome to Sufferlandria. The best thing now is the email and I know that @Lauren_TeamDPF and @Rebecca_TeamDPF will have you rocking the app in no time … do you have a bucket yet!? :upside_down_face:


Hi and welcome.

I would suggest to read the manual for the Kickr first. There’s probably an app for it with which you can calibrate it (so that the power readings are accurate) and update the firmware.

If you don’t have one I would also suggest to get a heart rate monitor that can link to the device you are running sufferfest on. An HRM that can transmit data via Bluetooth will be the easiest for this.

Then here is a link to the guide to get started with Sufferfest: A Guide to The Sufferfest – Sufferfest Support

Oh and: congrats on even getting the Kickr. Over where I live there have been severe shortages for months now.


Welcome @jenn !

There’s another link to some introductory information on the Sufferfest page here: Get Started with The Sufferfest


Also, when you get into the Sufferfest app, you could look at the ‘14 Day Trial Plan’ as a way of getting started with a structured training program.

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Welcome and know you are not allowed to leave.

  • Try the getting started workout for your set up (desktop or mobile). It does a a great job of walking you through the apps.

  • The minions are awesome with what ever help is needed. Including floggings. :joy:

  • The fitness kick starter plan and the Pre-season XC plan are both great options to start out with. Make sure you’ve done Full Frontal first to get baseline numbers and targets.

  • Most 12 week plans follow a cadence of 2 weeks build (with a few workouts to fail) followed by a lighter recovery week.

I also ride MTB — I’ve learned a lot about road riding from the workouts.


Thanks! A bucket, eh? That bad? Better go get me one… :wink:

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Thanks so much, everyone!! I’m ready to get moving (or, actually, not moving that much on a stationary bike… but you know what i mean…) :wink:


Welcome - you can never leave.

As above the sufferfest website has some great articles on initial set-up and the intro videos in the app are pretty good too. If you ever get stuck with something the minions in the support chain are super responsive (and most of them are regular posters/long time sufferlandrians too…).

Folks here are helpful for other queries (though trying to explain things in a forum post can get a little confusing…