Internet problems

We’re having bad internet issues with our provider for the past 2 weeks. I was thinking I should delete/cancel my SYSTM account and start over when our provider fixes their problem. What is your recommendation?

Do you have cellular data that you can tether to? My broadband is abysmal though i’m lucky enough to have good mobile data. I download through that and then run offline.

Just a thought,


I wish. Our phone service is tied into our internet. So when the internet burps, down goes the phone.

Ouch! Carrier pigeon?

It’d be quicker. We have a lot of sea gulls, let me rope one.

If you really need to cancel until they sort their **** out, maybe study carefully your plan (or sign up for one and study that) then try and replicate the sort of workouts/efforts by yourself. At least then you can keep Suffering and can pick up roughly where you left off.

Or, use it as a chance to go freestyle for a bit?

True that.

Or visit a coffeehouse to download your workouts for the week?


One flat white and 7 hours of pure suffering, to go please!

Sufferfest should so have branded coffee shops.

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:slight_smile: Nah - black, no sugar.

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