Interpretation problem test half monty

Hello everyone,
I have a problem interpreting the results of my Half Monty test The software tells me that it cannot give me the results because the areas have not been respected I do not have an ERG mode sensor on my elite trainer so I can not be exactly to the power indicated How to then interpret my data according to the level where I arrived I had entered in my profile the values of a 4DP test that I had done a few months ago and I would like to compare the two tests.

For your informations when i compare average power on 1 min interval with target of half monty ramp, all stair are okay.

Thanks for your responses,

With out erg it will difficult to hit the exact power numbers requested. You can shift and get close.

We’re you able to keep your Heart rate in the correct range for the HR portion of the test?

Without seeing the data and files it would be hard to say what the problem was. Email the minions and they’ll be able to help you.

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Yep, you should reach out to the minions first.

Thank you for you answers. I have sent messages to technical support.