Interpreting my Half Monty

Hey Everyone :slight_smile: I’ve done 4DP a few times, and this is the second time with Half Monty. Generally understand all of it pretty well, but wanted to get quick input from you all on my current results, few things:

  1. Took me too long to get up to the bottom HR zone for the 20 minute effort as I started with the suggested power and waited a few minutes to see if it rose up to the zone. Probably took around 5 minutes because I realized I had to crank it up quite a bit from the suggested number.

  2. The suggested HR zone was probably a little too high because my HR strap goes nuts for some reason once I get up the upper 170s, thinks I held 188 for a minute, but I stopped pedaling at 178 (legs were out of juice).

  3. So I was either at the low end of the HR zone or just a bit under it (162). I’m also feeling a little tired today, but Whoop has me green.

Anyways, given all that, I have that * on the FTP results, but I assume that if anything the result would be low, not high, yeah?

Another reason why I probably could pound out more: did a swim this morning, not intense, but didn’t come with full rest and power. But I knew my power was low because I had ridden my trainer in months, just mountain biking once a week and running, swimming for triathlon training, which holy moly has helped a ton! While I’m definitely weak sauce amongst cyclists, I’m peaking out of the basement with 2.4w/kg on my ftp now (170w vs. 128 last september).

Thanks for any reflections :slight_smile:

Hey @ryanoelke ,
I messaged you, if you send me your email login to SYSTM, I can check out your results.
As to your questions/concerns:

  1. Could have been a bit fatigued from your swim workout + ramp test. How does your LTHR estimate compare to your last FF?

  2. Artifact can definitely have an impact, if it was indeed artifact

  3. Low end of the Zone is no big deal or either is slightly below. Never believe whoop without your perceived fatigue figuring into the equation.

I can give you a little more insight when I see all of your test results.



Thanks, Spencer! Just messaged you.

  1. HR spikes were definitely artifacts, has happened before, and I can cross check against Whoop and Apple Watch (178 was max for this session). Also, I have had my max HR established multiple time across all the devices, including Garmin, 189 (probably 188 or 187 now).

  2. It gave me 176 for LTHR, which I know is definitely out of my range :slight_smile:

  3. Whoop - agreed!

As long as these results are at least at or below what my actual levels are, I’m pretty dang stoked, huge improvements.

Thanks for taking a look!

Hey Ryan,
I’m looking at your results and I see the big spike as well as dropouts. I’m thinking a new HR monitor is in your future. Looking at previous tests, if you used the same HR monitor , I’d say your LTHR is more the 167-170 range. Was your RPE fairly high during the constrained effort?
Regardless your results for the ramp test were awesome! You may want to edit your LTHR in your profile. Let us know how your training goes from here.



awesome, thank you so much for taking a look! 167-170 seems a better ballpark. My RPE was definitely pretty high, was definitely in the suffer zone lol. Who knows, I might have been able to push out a little more with more confidence in the range, and I’m sure I could on a fresh day.

Oh, and the HR dropping out seems to be something with the bluetooth transmitter for my Keiser M3i. They sent me their new computer with the bluetooth built in, so hoping that does it. The Keiser computer never seems to drop, unless it’s programmed to always show a number. But yeah, super annoying!

Super happy with my results! My FTP is still hard to believe for me given where I’ve come from in the last year.

Thanks again for your help!

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