[iOS 17.2] SYSTM crashes with "this activity was recovered"

Using a free trial right now before committing and I’m 3 for 3 with SYSTM crashing and this note in the description “this activity was recovered”. So far, I haven’t been able to complete any session because it crashes and I can’t recover.

I’m using iOS 17.2, iphone 12 with 256GB (125GB free).

I’ll try again tomorrow and in the interim I’ve deleted the app, rebooted phone and re-installed as per the support article.

Are there any other things to try as well?

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That sucks. I’ve been using SYSTM since it was SUF and even awhile before that.

I’ve always found the app to be remarkably stable though I do sometimes get video errors that typically resolve themselves if I ride it through.

I typically only use my computer for bike workouts but have streamed from iPhone to AppleTV and that’s worked well. Using an iPhone Xr (cuz it still works :joy:) on iOS 17.1.1

What workouts were you doing @scubasteve that crashed?

Also, fwiw, I’d recommend putting in a formal support request, they might even extend your trial given the grief you’ve had. https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

The first 2 times it crashed, I was actually airplaying to my Apple TV and so I thought that was the issue but tonight it wasn’t. iPhone only.

The workouts @Glen.Coutts were:

  1. Cadence Builds
  2. Getting Away With It
  3. Getting Away With it.

That’s a good idea on the formal support request. I’ll give it a whirl and if they need logs, I can send that in too.

I could use my computer but I like being able to control things while I ride. The computer isn’t neccessarily in a good spot and the iPad mount I have kind of gets in the way while riding on the bike. It’s really too bad there just isn’t an Apple TV app for it.

You mention that you’re running iOS 17.2 which I believe is still in beta. Have you been running this for all failed attempts? It’s possible that SYSTM isn’t yet supported.

Are you able to restore back to 17.1.1 and try that?

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There’s another post linked above about an issue with the iOS 17.2 beta as well. I only use the final iOS releases (currently iOS 17.1.1), so haven’t experienced this yet myself, but hopefully something the Wahoo development team can fix before the final 17.2 release.

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this is probably something that should be fixed before the 17.2 version is released to the general public…

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