Frustrating...SYSTM Crash during Half Monty

Two consecutive rides now SYSTM has crashed mid workout. The latest being Half Monty during the constrained effort.
I’ve tried to be patient with the app, righting-off the issues as “growing pains” being worked out, but this is by far the most unreliable app I’ve ever paid money for, and maybe even the most unreliable of free apps, too.
At this point, I’m just persevering until the weather improves. I doubt I’ll be coming back to SYSTM in the fall.

Oh man, app crashing mid-workout sux yak balls at the best of times but during testing is The Worst. I’ve never had this happen to me, fortunately. Have you let the support minions know? This (obviously) shouldn’t be happening but they should know about it and can easily miss stuff in the forums.

Something to try, if you haven’t already, is an uninstall and fresh install. That often takes care of glitches in the matrix.

In any event I hope you can get it sorted.

I hate to hear about the wrong kind of suffering.

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