Ios navigation

if you try to find a plan on ios the navigation is far from optimal - there is no back button nor can you somehow get back to the table where the plan entry lives - or am I holding it wrong?
same applies to the two other top entries.
it feels a bit cumbersome to always go back via more entry in the tabbar

I’m not sure understand the issue you’re having. I’m not suggesting that iOS plan navigation is perfect, but I can just click on any earlier entry in the “builder” to change it. Since later entries often depend on earlier ones, they disappear.

oh well that’s true for the plan builder, ok thanks my bad - not an obvious way to navigate… at least for me.
still there is a missing back navigation to the ‘more’ table.

I’m not sure what you mean by the “more” table. What is that?

the tabbar has a more entry, the table that you see when you tap it reveals e.g. the plan entry.

I might be being dense, but I still don’t understand what you are referring to. Are you using the Plan Builder or are you somewhere else in the app? I don’t know what table you are referring to. I don’t see a “more” button anywhere I look. At the end of the plan builder, there is a “+” on the top right. That’s the same thing as “Add to Calendar “. If that’s what you mean, you can’t go back because after you click it, you’re all done and you’ve added the plan. If you don’t want the plan shown, there is a back button at the top left that looks like “<“.

are you on ios? if yes then at the bottom of the screen you should be able to see a tabbar and on the far right side it has a ‘more’ entry right besides the ‘progress’ entry and if you tap on this entry you will see a list or table where you then can see the ‘plan’ entry.

I’m on iOS. I now understand what you are talking about. But I still don’t really understand the problem you are having. If you want to get back to the list you get after tapping “more”, just tap “more” again: it’s always there on the bottom right.

tap the other entries and you will note that the back or dismiss navigation is missing for the top three entries
it is not common to tap on the tabbaritem in order to navigate back, you may want check other apps too maybe