App Calender Issue

Hi All.

I have just signed up for a TT training plan and I can access the calendar from the Desktop (windows) app,
When I try and take a look on my iPhone though, I keep getting asked to log in but nothing further happens and it just goes back to the log in screen.
I do seems to be logged in though as I can access all the videos just fine.
Am I doing anything wrong?

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Hi Alex - maybe just a quick check - can you log out of the iphone app and shut down then app, then restart please?

There has been some harmonising of signins in recent times to improve the wider experience if using SUF and Wahoo so would be worth ruling that out as an easy one.


You’re a star - thank you for your help - why didn’t I think of that :thinking:
Only problem is that now I can see all the pain that I have signed up for - can you fix that too :rofl:



I know, right!? The anticipation of all that suffering just fills me with so much glee that I can hardly contain myself!!!

See, it’s just a matter of perspective. Just think how fast you will be, and the joy of working hard will follow.