[iOS] video download

triggering a video download should be possible from within the training plan calender entry. currently the workout entry needs to be opened then one needs to note the name and then search for it in the videos tab in order to initiate a download. cumbersome at least…

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I use IOS. I download a weeks workouts at a time. Each day I open the app. click on plans, and the calendar opens up with the days workouts. Clicking on the relevant workout and I am ready to go

I may be mistaken but I guess what you are doing is to stream the workout - the videos’ tab workout entries feature a play and a download button. I was of the opinion that after you downloaded a workout it is played directly from the local storage?

No, as I mentioned, I open up calendar view on my Mac, and the vid section from the app in IOS. scroll down the vids section on the phone and if I see a workout that is in the calendar, I download it .I keep going until I am close to running out of memory, in practice this is 7-10 days of workouts. When ready, I go to the calendar, select the workout, (downloaded from the batch I did earlier), and ride