Download this week's videos

Would it be possible to add a button in the training plan calendar for “download all of this week’s videos”? My Pain cave is in a wifi dead zone, and I don’t have a hard wired connection in there. It’s really a drag when I get up and ready to ride, only to realize I’ve forgotten to download that day’s videos. I would much prefer to download my videos in bulk, rather than having to select them individually to download.

I second this. It takes my laptop in the garage…uhm pain cave awhile to download a video.

I’m not disagreeing with the premise of the post but surely your laptop could be moved to a more convenient position to download videos prior to your evening’s enterpainment?


My wifi is the same inside the house as outside.

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Can you improve the situation by using wired internet or is the real problem that your internet in general is poor or patchy?

My house is insulated with foil backed insulation, ain’t no WIFI getting out, unless I put the router on a window sill.

Running the app on my iPad, as it’s the most convenient, and the newest piece of hardware I have to run it, so wired connection isn’t really an option. And I realize I could move to somewhere with better wifi for the download, but when in a hurry to get a morning workout in, that’s a bit of a drag. I realize this doesn’t exactly solve my issue of forgetting to download the videos before the workout, but If I 'm able to download in bulk, it’s less likely to be an issue.

No option to run wireless internet and my wifi is excellent, I can stream Netlfix, Hulu and Disney all at the same time. It’s just that download speeds for the longer Sufferfest videos has always taken more than 10-20 minutes which means downloading the day before.

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I have great wifi and also hardwired 1 gig internet if I choose. The SUF videos still take me 10-20 minutes to download.

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I like this idea as I often forget to download them myself.

My wifi speed is pretty average (around 35Mps on a good day) but videos typically download in only a couple of minutes. Something else must be limiting your download speed.

Hard to say. Everything else downloads quickly in my house. SUF videos are the slowest. But they are pretty big, so it’s not that surprising.

Everything else I download also downloads in seconds, it’s just the Sufferfest videos that are slow. Maybe the host servers are busy with other downloads etc and it is a matter of when downloads take place?

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