iPad 10.2 or iPad Mini

For those who are using iPad for Sufferfest…which display size you think is the best for Sufferfest? and what stand you use to hold it in front of you?

I was using 10.2 until I recently moved to a Macbook for ease of transition of ERG/Level and Intensity %.
Mounted the iPad on an iPad tripod/floor stand with no issues.

Using an old iPad mini for suffering, usually just propped on an old kitchen unit in the garage. Good size for me as i mostly run in ERG mode, watching the footage where I can. If you work in level mode you might need the larger display to see the power/HR/cadence targets you are aiming for

I’ve got an iPad Mini on a music stand - allows the breeze from my wahoo headwind to get underneath. Screen is perfect for seeing all the numbers, following the story etc

iPad mini on a tacx handlebar mount

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I just found that there is no miniplayer mode on iPad for Sufferfest…:joy: so need another device to watch videos while doing no video series.

NoVid Workout will continue in ERG mode if you switch onto a different app, works ok for tempo or endurance or regular intervals (40/20s etc) if you can see a clock or timer