Video Aspect Ratio options

I run the app on my ipad, with it plugged into my tv with a lightning>HDMI adapter. The playback on the TV is limited to what is displayed on the ipad, leaving large blank areas on the sides of the TV during riding videos, and running a large blank frame all the way around during yoga and strength sessions. Would it be possible to have an option to toggle to 16:9 aspect ratio playback, vs native iPad ratio?

If you go into display controls and switch the aspect ratio to above the graph, isn’t that closer to a 16:9 format? Or do you have a wide/stretch option on your TV controls? That’s what I use when I stream from my iPad/iPhone to the TV.

thanks for the tip - I’m running it on an ipad, and maybe I need to explore a little bit more in the app. Should have held my request until I was sure there wasn’t something in there. The issue I run into is that cycling videos, with the information overlaid are at a different aspect ratio than the yoga/strength videos. Maybe this will solve that. Thanks!

Looked for display controls today - Is it within the video playback somewhere? i couldn’t find it anywhere. Or is it out in the app before selecting a ride?

In video playback, you go to settings > display, I think.