Is anyone using TrainerRoad or Sufferfest app with a bike computer?

Is anyone using TrainerRoad or Sufferfest app with a bike computer?I am looking for a bike computer that works with Sufferfest and TrainerRoad. I mostly ride indoors. I have Saris H3 indoor trainer. I don’t want to use laptop all the time. I mostly ride on the Erg mode. I am leaning towards buying either Wahoo or Garmin devices.

At the moment it’s not seamless to get sufferfest workouts onto a wahoo/garmin. You can use an iOS device or there will be an android app hopefully this year.

Not sure on TR but I think you can send those workouts to wahoo/garmin HU’s, tbh you might as well use TrainerDay if you just want to look at a graph for your entire workout :slight_smile:

Hi Steve:

Yes there is a way to link Sufferfest app to another system (training peaks).
I have it linked to my Wahoo Element Roam.
I created a ticket with the Sufferfest support team and they gave me instructions.

They can give you the instructions.
I would but they are a little involved and have an embedded link.


Hi Steve, the closest I think would be an iOS device mounted on the handle bars or in front of you - afaik you can’t load a profile from sufferfest directly into a head unit (happy for a wahoo minion to interject and correct me here…).