iPad mirroring and Bluetooth headphones

Hi all, not sure whether this is a software or hardware issue. When I’ve got my iPads plugged into my tv using a lightning and HDMI connector, I can’t send audio to Bluetooth headphones. It’s driving me crazy. Hundreds of pounds worth of equipment and this should be doable - I do not want the audio to my training sessions pumped out of the soundbar every time I do a video. Any suggestions?

@jjarvis I have had the same issue and sort of gave up after a while. There is a thread on this topic that might help you.

According to the thread some headphones cause sensor interference but it appears that AirPods may not when used with an iPad. I have been able to connect my BT speaker occasionally while using the lighting/HDMI connector. 1st I start playing via Spotify and then exit and then it seems to work but the sound also goes to the TV so I turn the volume down to 0. Maybe that would work for you for your headphones. Good luck!

Does your tv allow Bluetooth output? If so then this could be the workaround although its a minor hassle having to switch where the sound goes each time you want to use the tv. With mine the tv at least goes back to the hdmi out when i disconnect the headphones so it’s only on startup I need to play with the sound settings.