Lightning cable: suddenly no video

Hello. Last winter I used a lightning cable with an HDMI cable to mirror my iPhone to a large screen TV for my systm workouts. Never had an issue over about 100 rides. When I came indoors a couple of weeks ago I suddenly get no video while using systm. I get audio and a black screen. All other iPhone apps get projected to the TV properly except systm. I tried a different lightning cable on a different TV with the same result. Wahoo told me systm was never meant to support a lightning cable. They also said nothing has changed, but something obviously did. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Thanks

Has anyone else experienced this issue? How do others project SYSTM to a separate TV?

I would really appreciate some assistance from the community.


I’ve always used the official Apple HDMI-lightning adaptor, I’ve heard some people have had issues using third party adapters for streaming services like Disney+. I’ve been riding outside for the past week but had no problems using the adapter on my last indoor workout on the 14th October. Hope you can find a solution I much prefer wired connections.

I use an iPad and it worked for me on October 20. I’ve never had problems with the video connection to the TV.

Thanks. To be clear, you use an iPad with a lightning adapter to hdmi to a TV?

Yes, I’ve heard the same thing. Both of my lightning adapters are aftermarket but they both continue to work with every app but SYSTM. And they worked all of last winter with SYSTM. Something had to have changed. Thanks