I Pad connectivity

I have decided that a refurbished 6th gen 2018 I pad is the most reasonable device for using my wife’s Kickr Snap. Since the Snap does not do cadence I will get her a cadence sensor, as well as a HR strap. On my laptop setup these devices need a receiver dongle in a USB port. Being new to I Pads what is the setup with them and sensors? I assume internal Bluetooth but want to make sure.


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I use an iPad, connected to a Saris H3, with additional cadence sensor, and a HR strap. And to top it off, a set of Bluetooth headphones.

I usually download the videos, and everything works seamlessly

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Your assumption is correct. If you have Bluetooth sensors (HRM, cadence), the iPad will work as is.


Also, ANT+ is NOT supported on any Apple or Android device because the OS does not natively support this protocol. Good news, most current devices are Dual channel and support both protocols. Word of warning: Make sure the devices are ONLY paired to SYSTM and nothing else (you didn’t state if you are using another program on the device like Strava or (shudder) Garmin Connect).

Thanks for the replies. The setup will be pretty straightforward. Snap + cadence sensor talking to the IPad. No bike computer to hijack Bluetooth.