Full Ironman Fall/winter base training? Or Start Season plan?

What are people doing for fall/Winter Full Ironman training? he full Im looking at doing isn’t until september and my first shorter distance races start in May. and will have a race once a month leading into a september IM. I’ve started a free Full plan on Sufferfest? Would you just start from the beginning and do the whole training cycle over again? or Follow some sort of other training until the plan would start?

My Main Full distance race in 2021 is early July… I had a similar dilema so decided on the following (having arrived in Sufferlandria back in June 2020).

Since July I did not follow a plan but rode maybe 2 videos per week plus normal outdoor rides (and swim and run)

I decided to do the 12 week General all-purpose road plan to finish on 20 Dec. I will also tag on a few run and swim sets just to keep these aspects active. I then hope to ride the Rapha Festive 500 over the 24-31 Dec period.

I’ll do a 4 week block to prepare for the Tour of Sufferlandria (early Feb).

Then I’ll do a full 16 week Long distance Triathlon plan to coincide with the full distance dace in July.