Is Power match Ant+ on wahoo app supported on android yet?

Is Power match Ant+ on wahoo app supported on android yet?

ANT+ will not be supported on Andriod at all. The reason for this is the protocol is NOT supported out of the box and in order to do so, you have to downgrade system security. As a LONG term Android user and a cybersecurity expert, I support Wahoo’s take on this. On Android, this means BTLE only.

If you have a KICKR, it is supported there.
I can pair my KICKR with an ANT+ powermeter through the wahoo fitness app.

It was on the IOS app only, but now I see it on the android app as well. (I think you only need to pair it once, so even back then, you could just borrow an IOS device, insert the ANT+ ID and the KICKR would store it.

Follow these steps to pair your KICKR with the Wahoo Fitness app:

  1. Ensure the KICKR is plugged in and open the Wahoo Fitness app
  2. Select “Sensors” in the bottom left corner
  3. Select “Add New Sensor”
  4. Choose your KICKR from the list of available sensors
  5. Select “Save Sensor” and choose the workout profiles the KICKR will be active for (ex. Indoor Cycling).
  6. Select “Done" in the upper left hand corner.

Once connected, 3 options become available in the KICKR control page (swipe right with a workout started):

  • ERG Mode Speed simulation - Sets a virtual speed @ 0% grade when using ERG mode.
  • Cadence from ANT+ - Reads cadence from paired ANT+ sensor. This will happen automatically if you use option 3.
  • Control w/ ANT+ Power Meter

Toggle on Control w/ ANT+ Power Meter, and you will see a new field to enter your Power Meter ANT ID.

When you start a workout, the power icon will have 2 arrows in a circle. This icon will turn green when the KICKR is using power from your Power Meter.

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