Recharger has been remastered!

In our ongoing efforts to keep the Wahoo X app looking fresh, we have just updated the Recharger workout with some new footage.

What’s changed?
The workout , storyline and music are the same. We have swapped out the footage in the video to make it even more engaging (we hope).

If you love Recharger, I hope you enjoy this freshened-up version for those days you want to recharge. If you’ve never tried this recovery session, then get in there and give it a go, it is a session you will keep coming back to on a recovery day so you can move forwards with your training feeling fantastic!


At 13:05 it states 95 RPM when you are at 90. I am not sure what the Oops means.


Recharger doesn’t get marked complete but add a workout to you Calander

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So I did the new recharger today… here are my first impressions:


  • Not sure if this actually got updated, but the video overall looked more crisp, like 1080 HD vs. 720 HD
  • The new footage featuring 2021 TDF: cool to see Pogachar, Van Aert and Van der Poel
  • Keeping the overall storyline and music: Recharger has one of the best soundtracks in the sufferfest


  • The transitions with the Hamster program thing is cheesy and does not add to the video.

Most loved part:

  • Rider: ‘Like butter?’, Van Aert: ‘Just let it go’

Anyway, overall I think it is a positive change.


Completed the workout.
Thank you for the remaster. Hope you do that to some of the other sufferfest videos.
Sharpening the sound and updating the scenes was nice.


Totally agree, but I like it!
(I’ve got an 8 year old at home, the day is filled with cheesy jokes)


@TrapMeSuf There is a whole thread on the “cheese” in Sufferfest workouts.


Totally agree, that is why I am not a fan of the newish workout ‘No place like home’. I actually like the humor theme, but there needs to be a balance. In ‘No place like home’, it is just too much.

Hence, I am sticking to Recharger.

Remaster is great, cutting with clips from Cotty’s exploits is fantastic for the downtime and up to date TDF footage is awesome for the efforts. I LOVE THE CHEESE :slight_smile:


I’m definitely a cheese-head! It’s what makes Sufferfest. Love the whole Sufferlandria universe. More cheddar please!


All time fav :heart: Who sang along? I did!


Rode this for the first time last night, great work the rode flew by with the new footage. Love the recurring joke of The Shark looking grumpy and sneaking up with his theme music.


I just completed the updated Recharger workout, and I must say I’m quite disappointed. The original Recharger was a masterpiece, but after this ‘refresh,’ it has become mediocre. Whoever thought that adding C64-style graphics with a hamster would be amusing clearly doesn’t understand the Sufferlandrian mindset. I would strongly suggest not altering the existing videos, as the changes haven’t been improvements. If you really want to contribute, please focus on creating new content instead.