Is "Relaxing to Recover" available to download?

Just started listening to Relaxing to Recover, and it says to lie down comfortably in a dark place and listen to it… the problem is that it is playing on a desktop in the office, where I have my trainer setup.

Is there a way to listen to this as just an mp3 somewhere? Podcast platform? Youtube?

The hardwood floor isn’t that comfortable, even lying down on a yoga mat :joy:

It would be easy probably if I had an iOS device, which I do not. Plenty of Android stuff, but no app yet :slight_smile:

I listen to “Relaxing to Recover” with my Bluetooth headphones. I can then go into another room and lie down on something more comfortable.

I’m not aware of any way of downloading that you could play as an audio file, apart from the download option in the app. Do you have a laptop you could use?

The technology definitely exists to do it. Doing it is legally dubious, but it would probably violate Sufferfest’s terms of service.

To be clear, I was asking if Sufferfest makes it available themselves for download, since it’s mostly a sound file. Not trying to recover downloaded files on my computer to hack something.

If only I could find that stupid Bluetooth USB dongle I bought years ago and never used… :upside_down_face:

If you are on Windows or iOS Bluetooth is built it. I imagine it is for macOS as well. You would only need the appropriate headset or earplugs.

I usually listen to it on my phone through the iOS app.