Temporarily workout download


Is it possible to Suffer Fest workout temporarily download for prevent buffering and/or failure video and/or music.

due to the connection, the video and/or music streaming is unstable. Cannot temporarily download a workout so that the workout can be played with video and/or music.

yes, just hit the download icon on the workout list from whichever version of the app you are using. If you are on a plan launching the workout from the calendar will automatically use the downloaded copy. After the workout hit the tick mark that shows the video has been dowloaded and this will delete the video to save storage space on your device.

The ‘Workouts’ Tab – Sufferfest Support (thesufferfest.com)

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What platform are you using?
You can certainly download videos on the Windows Desktop app, I think I have pretty much the whole library downloaded these days so I don’t ever have to worry about streaming.

I’ve got a desktop computer. How can I download the library?

It’s not quite so straightforward as you might like (in this version of the App, people moaning about updated versions might get a surprise :slight_smile: )

You can’t download the whole library in one go, just one at a time.
Navigate to “Workouts” find the workout you want to download and click the download button…

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