How Do I Move Training Plan a few days forward?

I missed a few days this week due to work. How do I move my whole 21 week plan forward a few days?

Easiest way is to look at what the current end date of your plan is, delete the plan, then reapply it with your new end date. If it’s only a couple of days you might be best considering it a mini recovery break and moving on. The latest podcast is also about what to do when you miss a workout, I’ve not listened to it yet, but might be worth doing so before you rearrange too much.


Ugh that sucks. Being a few weeks into a 21 week plan, that’s a lot of moving workouts around. I looked but didn’t see a way to see or delete the plan I’m on, only add a plan. What was the thing about changing and end date and where can I find that?

You can’t change the end date if an active plan.

To delete the plan you’re on, go to the week summary in the calendar. You’ll see the plan listed there. Click “view plan”. That’s where you’ll see the option to delete it.

Then create a new plan (just like the old one) with an end date a few days after the old end date and add it to your calendar. That will have effect of shifting the plan out for the number of days you missed.

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I’d strongly recommend listening to the latest podcast on what to do when you miss a workout before you start shifting your plan around. If you really want to, go to your calendar and flick forward to find the end date of your current plan, delete it and reapply it with a new end date as @AkaPete detailed above.

Thanks much. It’s frustrating when companies are capable of making things so advanced, (like this software), yet don’t include the most common sense features one would expect to be a no-brainer.

What happens if I delete the plan, doesn’t that also delete the workouts I’ve completed already? I’m on an all purpose with yoga and strength, which is a lot of workouts.

This happened to me once before when it was still Sufferfest and I made up the missed workouts by completing a couple each day until I got caught back up. That was less frustrating because I didn’t have to mess around with the software and I chalked it up to the quirky Sufferfest software. Now that it’s “SYSTM” with the branding hoopla and fanfare, I expected it to work better.

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Deleting a plan will not effect anything in the past . Your old workouts will remain.

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Before starting to try and catch up I would really really suggest you listen to the podcast. It’s probably in peoples best interest that the feature to keep shifting an entire plan isn’t there.


I tend to agree here. Another reason in this case is the OP also said in another post he can only do his long workouts on specific days of the week. If he shifts the plan by a few days, the long workouts will no longer align with the days he can do them.

Also please note, I am pretty sure the Sufferfest app never deleted previously completed workouts when deleting a plan.


This is a really bad idea, I wouldn’t suggest doing that again in the future.

I was thinking the same thing about shifting days, although if it were shifted exactly one week it wouldn’t matter. Wasn’t me about not being able to do certain rides on certain days. In another post I did mention that the new all purpose plan was putting no vid workouts during the week and long video workouts on the weekends which is opposite of how it used to be when the user could choose to incorporate outdoor rides, in which case it put those no vids on the weekends.

I agree it’s a bad idea, but it is the simplest solution to a technical problem with the software. First things first though there’s an issue with the latest update causing a 10 second delay in releasing resistance on the trainer and there’s no way to get support because the contact form in the windows app isn’t working and the old email addresses for support starting bouncing back undeliverable.

Even if the option to shift the plan was there, just because you could shift the days on, doesn’t mean you should, so doing two a day isn’t the answer and neither is shifting the plan on a few days.

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Nope agreed. Wahoo needs to realize that life happens, especially over the course of a longer training plan. They should make it simple, like missed days option then move the workouts or shift the plan automatically. It’s stupid the way it is.

I don’t think we do agree, I just don’t think you realise it! Please just listen to the latest podcast!


What’s the name of the podcast? I’ll look into it.

The Knowledge by Wahoo: Life Happens: How to cope when you miss a workout

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Subscribed to it, thanks!

Thx for the tip on the podcast. So based on that, a few missed workouts here or there aren’t a problem and I should just continue the training plan as is, without concern for making up the missed sessions or restarting the plan / changing the end date, etc.


Exactly, so doubling sessions, or moving plans, isn’t the answer. You need to think about the reason why you miss sessions to decide what’s appropriate to do.