Issue on video not fiiting on ipad screen

Hi to day i noticed both on yoga sessions and strength that the video is bigger than my screen so I miss the “right side” e.g on strength wherethe timer countdown is I only see half of it so hard to know how many seconds still to go. I’m on and old iPad but it still has latest ios and has latest system app version.

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If you go into the settings - click on ‘Display’ tab and you can toggle to a different screen size. Hopefully that fixes it for you!

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Just to be clear, that’s settings when you are in the video, not the settings tab on the left hand side of the home screen

Noticed this today with one of the Mental Training programs too, some words either cut in half or missing completely surely that can’t be a video sizing problem can it ?

Correct - when you are in the video. Screenshot attached, sorry I didn’t make that clear

Scale to Fit doesn’t work on the Mental Training videos in fact neither option does. Words are still missing or cut in half. Might have to call in the Minions on this one, will have to check if it’s every Mental Training video.


Hi thanks for the suggestion but choosing the fit to screen option actually makes it worse! :frowning:

I have the same problem: words get cut off–sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right. I’ve tried both display settings and have the same problem. I’ve even rewound after changing the setting to see if it helped. It didn’t.

I had the same problem and reported it.

The response was that it is a known issue and hopefully it will be fixed in an upcoming release

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Same problem here, and combined with the lame way that screen mirroring works from iOS to an Apple TV (not full screen) this ends up being a not so great experience on a large TV. Didn’t anybody test this on an iPad before release?!