Mental Training Also Too Big For Screen

Noticed this as well the other day, the words on screen are either cut off completely or missing parts, also fit to screen doesn’t work either as words are still missing

Hey @Shaned1972 are you viewing them on an iPad?

Yes is that the problem ?

There’s something funny going on on our end. It’s our problem, not yours. We are investigating.

No problem, wasn’t sure if it had been mentioned yet as getting the videos to fit are more important.

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Having the same problem on ipad with my cycling videos.

Maybe just send an email off to the minions and just mention it again and what iPad your using and what software ie IOS 14 or 15

I would be on ios 15 if I had space on my ipad to install it. How do I uninstall all the videos I’ve had to download??

If you tap the arrow key that downloaded them in the first place it will ask if you want to delete them from the device

Just wondering if there’s any update on a fix for this (annoying) issue please.

UPDATE: Just seen it is fixed in the latest update :+1:

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