Video Skipping

First time caller. Long time listener …

I have done a few videos lately - a GCN one, an ‘on tour’ one and a Sufferfest one and the video skips when the profile changes (the 10 second warning bars and then again with the sound cue). The stats seem to continue along properly (e.g., distance) and the timer catches up after the skip.

I will try it again tonight when I have a chance to download the video - but it shows the same behavior on an older iPad and a brand new iPhone. Both up to date with iOS.

Have you raised it with the minions? It seems that there are a lot of Apple related issues lately.

Seems like it. I did raise the issue via support - but also figured I would check with the masses. Thanks!

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@e.dubiner I have seen that as well at times especially on the strength and yoga videos. There have been posts in the forum about plans to update the workout player - including allowing for capturing heart rate on yoga and strength videos. I think it may be a relic from the Sufferfest platform. Not sure what the timing is but hopefully that solves the issues.