Apple TV screen mirroring not showing training data

Hardware : Apple TV3 (auto updated) with iPad air (IOS15, auto updated) using screen mirroring

I tried to use the new Systm app today after several years of using Sufferfest on the same hardware set up. Screen mirroring successfully showed the video and streamed audio - though the training dashboard (showing target and actual training figures) remained on the iPad screen.

Am I alone in experiencing this? Makes it much harder to train full bore when the target data is not overlaid on the Apple TV display…

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That seems off, for sure. I have similar setup and can’t replicate your issue - my mirroring seems to work just fine.

Sounds like the Apple TV is extending your display, rather than mirroring. I know the fix within MacOS, but don’t mirror off my iPad - have you double-checked your display settings from within the iPad and Apple TV settings?

Thanks for posting. I have checked all the relevant settings on the iPad, Apple TV, Systm app and can’t see any that would cause this behaviour. There’s clear ‘forking’ of the display signal - video goes to the TV and dashboard stays on the iPad. The latest version of IOS changed the way that airplay / screen mirroring is accessed - and also the way the iPad behaves when screen mirroring.

The previous version gave complete mirroring of exactly what was on the iPad screen - the latest seem only to stream data to the Apple TV when a video is actually playing.

Has anyone else using an iPad experienced this issue…? Feels like a bug to me…

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I have had this a couple times when using AirPlay rather than Screen Mirroring. Screen mirroring works as you expect. AppleTV4k (not sure which one), iPhone XR iOS 15.1

Screen mirroring is this one
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.54.03 AM

Airplay is one of these:

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.53.09 AM

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.53.22 AM

@SnapOffJon Roger, like I said: same setup, except I’m running an iPad Pro, and my configuration mirrors correctly when I tried it this morning. Sorry for your difficulty.

I was able to replicate today with 14 VG on iPhone. Screen mirroring works like it should. AirPlay does the split like the OP notes. Gives Full Screen video (which was gorgeous btw) and on the phone was the text and workout graph so, not really functional for me with my old Sufferlandrian eyes.
FWIW, the app does not officially support Airplay.


Thanks for posts - looks like I made a rookie mistake in using Airplay rather than screen mirroring…
Will give this a go next time I’m using the app - I’m sure this will sort the issue…