It can’t just be me

So today I managed to carve out enough time for two sessions. Smashed through SuF idol then after more work onto “butter”. I finished feeling awesome so strong it was easy!
Oh no, I thought, this feeling will vanish next week after my half monty.
Then I checked my levels on my profile…
Ah I had dropped them all down about 4 weeks ago after failing so many workouts it was getting depressing. I totally forgot! I can’t stand dropping them mid ride, the feeling of failure overwhelms me and I just grind to a halt.


Don’t worry – not being able to finish a workout isn’t a sign of failure. It might be your body telling you to take a rest or perhaps a sign that you just need a slightly lower workload on the day. Here’s an article that might help you: Even the Badass Have Bad Days: What to Do When You Can't Do – The Sufferfest


Thanks Dave, I did read it and know I shouldn’t feel bad for having a bad day and dropping the levels to finish.
The reason I dropped from profile was I failed everything for several weeks.
My feeling were more for the fact I had forgotten I’d done it, and as a result, felt rather silly that my gains were not quite what they seemed to be!
Thanks for all you at Sufferfest do.

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