Itineraries not uploading via Bluetooth


I am not able to upload via Bluetooth an itinerary that I created on Komoot.

Although my Wahoo Fitness app is connected to my GPS Bolt, the device says : " itinerary not found on the wahoo Elemnt"

I’ve been uploading newly created itineraries without any problem via Bluetooth when out in the field ( without WIFI connection) for two years and I don’t understand what’s wrong.

The itinerary will synchronise via WiFi bit not via Bluetooth only.

So basically I can’t create an itinerary while out in the wild and sync it with my GPS. It just won’t appear on my list of itineraries.

Thanks for your help.


Hey @Pierre1980 and welcome to the forums.

I moved your topic to the Equipment category as it sounds like the issue you are having is between the Wahoo Fitness App and your ELEMNT Bolt not the Wahoo SYSTM app.

While you may get some feedback or suggestions in the forum, my recommendation, if you haven’t done so already, is to submit a support request directly to Wahoo. You can do that here:

For me, I don’t upload routes often, and when I have, it had usually been via Strava and I don’t recall doing that in the wild so I don’t have anything useful to suggest besides the typical troubleshooting steps of:

  • making sure you have the latest firmware for your Bolt
  • making sure you have the latest versions of the Wahoo Companion App (CA) and the Wahoo Fitness App (WFA), I thought it was the CA that was used to sync routes, not the WFA, but like I said, I don’t do it often.
  • make sure you have the latest version of the operating system for your mobile device
  • completely rebooting your mobile device
  • Turning bluetooth off, then on again
  • unpairing your mobile device from your ELEMNT Bolt and forgetting it in your mobile device settings as well, then re-pairing it. As far as I know, you don’t lose any of the fields or settings you’ve got if you do that. I did this recently with my ELEMNT ROAM2 and it helped solve a separate issue

It’s worth trying these things while you wait for a response from Support or from anyone else in the forums who may also be experiencing the same thing.

Good luck in any case.

Check back in and keep us posted to how you make out.

Thanks for your insight. I’ll look into it now.