January 2023 Challenge

Happy New Year to Everyone! Here is your challenge for the month to get you setup for 2023.

Let’s go to the Races

January is a good time to set out your goals for the year ahead. Take some time while completing these workouts to think about what you want to achieve this year.

Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

For more help with setting goals, check out these links:

When can I complete this challenge?

Anytime in January

Workouts for the January Challenge:


Nice. Now I have an excuse to do the UCI MTB race again. LOVED that one!


Small typo but looks like a good selection of workouts.


It wouldn’t be right if there weren’t typos. :slight_smile:


…maybe I’ll be able to have a go at full speed this time ‘round.



So, fyi, Sir @Coach.Rupert.H, in addition to the typo pointed out by @FurryGorilla, the Wahoo Fitness Support web site link at the bottom of the Monthly Challenge page pointing to the Challenge Chat needs to be updated ( I s’pose each month) cuz it currently links to the December Challenge topic here in the forums :slight_smile:


It would be SO awesome if there was some functionality where you could automagically inject these into your current training plan… and it would find the most similar workouts in January and offer these challenge workouts as an alternative.


Oooooh. That would be impressive. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Though really feel like we need to walk before we can run with app development at present…


Did this myself for both Dec Challenge and AWW UCI in December, honestly, it was’nt that much work really, I am sure you can manage.

However, missing the old “similar workouts” suggestion each workout used to have at the bottom in the good ol Sufferfest days, which could possibly make this whole task a lot easier.


Just checked again after seeing FB post on the January Challenge. The Wahoo Support site link still has the December typo and now the link to the forum chat at the bottom of that page redirects to an Ooops.


Thanks for including The Bat in this month’s challenge. It was new to me, and it shot right up the list of my favorite workouts. I see myself doing this every few months as mental training refresher.


plus you get a really cool looking ride profile when you’re done with the ride formerly known as Batman intervals. I s’pose DC didn’t like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for flagging, the link should be functioning correctly now.
Happy Badge hunting!


Link is indeed fixed but the typo remains :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 10.45.00 AM


Looking forward to doing this! Apart from The Bat, I’ve done all of these quite recently, but will happily do them again in January.

One small comment, my SYSTM home page is still referring to the December challenge:


I think the minions are all on holidays until tomorrow. I expect some updates soon. :pray:

Edit: and there we go. Jan 3rd and even the typo has been corrected :slight_smile:


Ooh, great selection and a good mix of rides. I just did The Bat and MTB recently, but seeing as my notes from those say ‘I’m glad I stuck with it’ and ‘Definitely would ride again!’ I don’t have any excuses not to repeat them.

I’m glad some ProRides are being injected in the challenges, as I tend to avoid them as being slightly intimidating (and often a little or a lot longer than I can ride during the week). Now that it’s part of a challenge …


Sorry we finally got there and the HelpCenter article should read correctly.
It looks like a lot of you are already getting ahead of the January Challenge! So far the Bat seems to be most popular with 150 completions :bat:


I’m looking forward to completing the January challenge.

Off to a slower start this month because our household all came down with Covid over the Christmas holidays - still testing positive at the moment so although I feel pretty good, I’ve been limiting myself to Zone 1 rides - introduced some Zone 2 today which went well so with luck I’ll tick off London Edingburgh London in a few days time.

I’ve done the other three rides before and am really looking forward to re-doing The Bat and TDU4 but I want to make sure I’m well enough to get full enterpainment value out of them!

@Coach.Rupert.H , Do you think Wahoo would consider a small prize draw for the monthly challenge? Say something like 3 months SYSTM subscription (or three people get a month each). I’m sure it would increase engagement with the challenges and may help persuade monthly subscribers to keep their subscriptions running over the summer months.


I will have the second of four done tomorrow. The other two are going to have to wait for another two weeks. I have a little 9 day event to do starting on Sat, the Tour of Sufferlandria 2014. Still time for you to jump in: Tour of Sufferlandria 2014 is on the calendar! Who's in?