JetBlack Volt smart trainer

I’m looking at one of these because I can get one for £200 less than a Kickr Core. But before I hit the buy button wanted to know if it will actually work, because the Xplova Nova S I had before did not transmit power to the SYSTM app on iOS using bluetooth.

I’ve already sent the question to the minions but was after some user feedback as well, the GPLama review makes it look like this trainer could be a good choice at this price point.

Trainer works without problems, using Windows 11. I have to test iOS though but I do not see any reason why it shouldn’t work.

Thanks, I did my first ride on my new JetBlack Volt last night. Setting up was a really easy and had no problems. Connected the trainer to the JetBlack Volt app, updated the firmware, opened SYSTM and the trainer connected first time.