TACX Vortex T2180


New to all this, so hope I am posting this in the right place! I am a relative computer Luddite.

have the above (smart turbo trainer) have downloaded Wahoo Systm (free 14 day trial) app to w11 laptop. Blutooth definitely switched on in the laptop but Vortex not recognised by it.

It is and has been consistently recognised by recognised by my Garmin edge 500 so presumably it must be working?

I did have it connected to free RGT years ago when it was new.

Looked for ages yesterday to find a step by step guide to enable me to get a connection now but no luck so far.

Can anyone help, please?

It is probably me and something simple.


Hi Ray,

Sometimes I get this with my Neo 2T… seems SYSTM doesn’t play nicely with some BT connections.

Try turning off the BT on the laptop and removing the trainer from the app if you can see it there in the settings menu… some or none of the green lamps will be illuminated.

The turn BT back on on the laptop, then go to “add devices” in the settings menu again and see if it will pick anything up now.

Failing that, make sure that NOTHING else is trying to pinch the BT connection… eg… another device of any kind will do it.

Good luck.

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