Journey to Knighthood - A Short Story

I have finally started to put pen to paper on my Knighthood attempt on May 28th 2022. I did write down my thoughts and experience throughout the planning and training stages leading to D-day, a day after completing the quest but I think, rather than just penning my thoughts on just 2 pages of my training notebook, I thought of putting it together short story of my journey.

I have roughly came up with a story line but I would like to get some additional inspiration from our fellow Knights and aspiring Knights too.
So let’s start shall we?

Chapter 1 would be all about the beginnings like how and when I first arrived at Agonia. Aptly it was title as From GCN to SUF since, all my training did begin by following the GCN training videos.

Chapter 2 Still putting some thoughts to it but I would like to use this chapter to talk about SUF as a whole, what SUF really is and its transition from SUF to SYSTM and now Wahoo X.
Any suggestions the chapter’s title?

Chapter 3 Would be about Knighthood, what it is really and the requirements. These two things would be fairly straight forward in a sense since most of the information would be from the website. In this chapter, I would also be adding in my own personal part where I will discuss what the Knighthood meant to me, what made me do it and my thoughts of it post-completion.
This is where the story telling really begins.

Chapter 4 I am guessing this chapter would be about the planning, preparation and training for the big quest. So this would be another story telling chapter. It is also probably the penultimate chapter.

Chapter 5 Likely the final chapter in my story telling. I am still not sure what the chapter will be about but maybe something post ride? Inspiration needed here too

The short story is in the works and I will searching for inspirations.
Who knows perhaps someday, I will also be collecting stories from other Knights and come up with a Knighthood Short Stories e-book?


Sprinkle a generous dose of SUF-style humour and lore throughout to keep it lighthearted and it’ll likely inspire others to begin their own quest one day. Good luck!!


Good thoughts on that Sir Pete!
I believe I need some SUF-styled humour to bring some fun to the short story for those who reads it whether they have completed the quest or planning to.

Many thanks for the best wishes!

You might think of this as a travelogue (not a travel book), and there are many articles, short stories, or films that could serve as a model.

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Just a sneak peak of some work in progress. So far, chapter 1 is more or less done. Next up would be everything SUF :wink:

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The entire story is done! This is just the cover though. Any comments here?

Some pretext before the start of the story :smiley:


The short story is done!
Here’s the so-called “book”


I don’t know how I didn’t see this thread before. It was just suggested to me and I was stunned I hadn’t seen it. Now starting to read your “book”. :slight_smile:

When I started riding and training for sprint triathlons my first structured workouts of any sort were from the GCN YouTube videos. Reading this in your post was was jog down memory lane. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just finished a great power read. I’m not sure which is more awesome. Your journey to your knighthood, or your book. Brilliant. :medal_sports:


Oh hey Sir Evan! Actually there was a very subtle shoutout to you too, as one of those first few Knights who gave me the inspiration. The transcript took me a couple of weeks though but I had the outline out a couple of days after the Quest.

Yeah even on the program, the GCN videos does bring back some good memories. :smiley:

Definitely the Knighthood :blush:


As Sir Evan @emacdoug, said, I can’t belive I missed this first time around! Love the whole document, but the Lonely Planet bit was really spot on. I traveled most of South America in the early 90s with those books, so your spoof brought back all of THOSE memories for me. :wink:


Thank you for your awesome feedback Sir Rob @Cordboard Actually I don’t think I was old enough to remember travelling with the Lonely Planet book. Maybe my parents had :sweat_smile:
Actually that image was taken from our long misplaced and forgotten SUF webpage.

We really need to push for a return of the SUF culture and all its shenanigansssssss ain’t that right Sir Evan @emacdoug, Sir @Glen.Coutts? :smile:


Darn tootin’ right, Sir @DarrenWCKam!! :smile::+1:


Dear Wahoo:

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just gotta be careful that your post doesn’t get flagged or removed :rofl:


Now why on GvA’s scorched earth would The Company do such a thing? :joy::joy::joy:


Subterfuge. Sabotage. #twaaw :wink:


It’s rather ironic that the thread title is SYSTM Software but in the description it still says The Sufferfest app.

I think they know if they complete kill off SUF, it will incur the mightiest wrath of all Sufferlandrians and Knights alike.


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I think it’s just sloppy housekeeping but funny nevertheless #twaaw