Dear Sirs/Dames

I completed my quest to the castle on Friday the 9th July. Whilst I seem to have obtained the KoS badge within the app I have had no formal response to my application. Whilst I realise it has not as yet been two complete weeks the suspense is killing me.

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Best to probably do it again. In reverse order though this time :slight_smile: Hope it gets sorted Sir!


Hi @austen.smith

I’m in a similar boat having finished mine on 10 July. I think the badge is for the Prep Plan completion …

I contacted support to check that my submission had been received (there was no confirmation email after pressing ‘submit’) and was told that Sir Cody was away last week so is playing catch up. I’m sure we’ll both hear soon.


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I’d relax, mine took more than two weeks to come through, but it does eventually.

While the Knights and Dames should be recognised, we also need to accept that this is something they offer that is nice for us, but aside from a small amount of additional exposure for their business it is all for us, not for them and we don’t have to pay to “enter” or anything like that over our regular subscription.

Patience. In the context of Suf, you’ve done the work now focus on the recovery and the rewards will come (just wait for them) :slight_smile:


Probably will happen as I attempt to guide those who started the journey with me but fell by the wayside before the castle was in sight.

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Congratulations Sir @austen.smith. Your name is now on the Honour Roll so like me I believe you’ll find an email from Sir Cody in your Inbox!


Away… :thinking: like in… va-cation?
I’m speechless… What kind of ship is Grunter running here?

Oh, and Sir @austen.smith: Congratulations!!

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Are you accusing GVA for allowing a minion to have a {gasp!) vacation? For shame…The only ‘vacations’ in the Castle are sweeping the Lower Dungeon and feeding the Pain Suckers in the moat (said seriously tongue in cheek). Actually, Sire Cody may have been on other tasks or realistically taking a well deserved break on the Lactic Acid Sea.


Many thanks for bestowing such an honour to me.

Thanks @Craig.Quarmby and congrats to you Sir.

I bet they are just setting the table for your honorable dinner induction!

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