Just spins and never loads up: Question

With the announcement(s) over the last several months regarding new videos on the app, I am wanting to try them now that I am able to pedal more and more, almost totally recovered from Achilles surgery, but all I get is a “Waiting for video” and spinning wheel for hours on end if I let it. Nothing loads up.

Is this because I don’t have ANT+Bluetooth, or whatever latest and greatest that costs about as much as a month’s worth of mortgage? I use a basic old dumb trainer from Cyclops. No power meter pedals, no nothing techie save for wanting to cast the screen from my desktop to TV via Chromecast. Also, my Polar Vantage V on my wrist. It’s really all I want and need.

Any ideas as to why I can’t access all the videos? Thanks in advance!

I had this problem when I tried running the app on my old iPad mini v1 which only has iOS 9 because one of my kids wanted to use our new iPad at the same time as I wanted to do a Sufferfest session. The workout time was silly long like your screenshot 404minutes! And the video never started playing.

Do you have a speed sensor even?

This is using my desktop and full bore Mac that was brand new in January this year. I don’t even have a speed sensor for indoor training unless I am on rollers. And it is just me…no one else around sucking up WiFi power or anything like that.

Can you download in advance?

I think I can hit that download button and give it a try from there.

OK. Two vids downloaded, push play, and nothing… I’m really getting frustrated with this.

That looks like an old version of the app. You’ll need 6.19 to see the Inspiration category. I’d suggest doing a fresh install. The download links are on this page https://thesufferfest.com/pages/get-started. If that doesn’t sort it then email the minions and I’m sure they’ll sort things out for you.

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Thank you! Will keep you posted once I give it a go tomorrow.

Nope. The reboot didn’t do it. Time to email The Minions… I guess.

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Issue all resolved with assistance from The Minions! Thank you!