Keyboard: please map ERG mode to -E-

Currently the ‘escape’ - button maps to ERG-mode. On none-windows keyboards, this is just not practical. This Bluetooth keyboard requires ’ Fn - [ ’ for the Esc-button I found out. Level modes to numbers 1-9 are fine. (Or have both the Esc and E map to ERG-mode)


Small correction: the key for Erg mode is backtick (`) not escape.

What platform are you running SYSTM on? A possible workaround would be to use an keyboard app that allows you to remap keys so that you could map the backtick to a different key on your board (I’m guessing the top-left square key might default to Esc?). It’s been a while since I’ve had to do something like that so I’m not sure offhand what Windows or Mac options might be.


I use an Ipad.
To change the workout modes an external keyboard is way more convenient for me than trying to hit a screen target with sweaty hands.

Welcome @Jud!

The backtick shortcut for ERG mode has always made sense to me, as on all my keyboards (US Mac, US Windows) that key is to the left of the numbers.

Perhaps we should create a feature request where you can define your own keyboard shortcuts in SYSTM. It would start with the existing shortcuts as defaults, but would allow people to set their own custom shortcuts.

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