iPad vs Macbook/Laptop

I recently moved from using an iPad to a Macbook and decided to stick to the latter for certain reasons. It was purely coincidental when my kids had to use the iPad for their school work I decided to install SUF app on my Macbook to get my workout done.

I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of transition of ERG/Level and Intensity % by just a stroke of the keyboard key (arrow and numbers). This really helps a lot especially if you are doing FF/HM or when you are about to enter and prevent the spiral of death! Whereas on an iPad you have to go to the settings menu with high chances to tap on the wrong functions.

Question is - would the Minions consider creating a menu on the iPad video screen to allow single tap to control the ERG/Level and intensity % function?

That’s a nice idea.

How are you picturing it, @fairushariri?
Actual buttons or just an invisible touch sensitive overlay on top of the actual video?

I just recently made the switch from iPad to Macbook, too. At the same time I got a wireless keyboard. Now I am wondering if the shortcuts work on the iPad when you connect the keyboard to it.

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I think you can do this on iOS if you connect an external keyboard.

I will check tomorrow and report back.

Doesn’twork with the Smart Keyboard on an iPad Pro. The M button works for Mute / Music and the spacebar works for Pause.

Number buttons don’t work. Tried using shift as well just in case something weird was going on.

No joy.

Thing is - often tablets are used in a holder anyway which means a virtual keyboard would work better.
For anyone using a KB having the shortcuts enabled would be handy.

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Slightly related to this thread, how have you found the MacBook after 5 months of Suf use? I’ve used an iPad for years and am thinking of a MacBook purchase, partly for home computing use but also for Suf play (and dare I say it, using another platform that begins with Z), both connected to a TV. Any insights?

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I’ve been using an M1 MacBook Air for over three months now for Suf and it’s excellent!! I retired my old Suf windows tower as the MacBook with a usb c dock permanently plugged into my Cave TV has been such a better set up. I use a wireless Logitech keyboard with built in trackpad as well so one cable into the MacBook from the dock (dock has the dongle for the keyboard, Ant+ USB, wired ethernet and the hdmi to the TV) and off you go!

Obviously you don’t need the dock if you’re just using the MacBook screen (which is an excellent screen!)

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