Keyboard shortcuts iphone not working

I have a Bluetooth keyboard which I use for shortcuts using the iPad app and this works great. However I can’t get it to do shortcuts when I use the keyboard with my iPhone. app versions on both ipad and iphone are the same v. 6.20.0
Anybody having the same or am I doing some wrong with my iPhone setup?

Are you running similar iterations of iOS/iPadOS?

Somewhat up my alley here, not sure exactly what’s going on, but I can tell you as much as Apple tries to mirror functionality, there are still I/O differences between iOS and iPadOS. I know the BT standard implementation between the two have some differences.

That said, I’ve never tried operating a BT keyboard out of iOS.


Both ipad and iphone have the most up-to-date ios versions. Was wondering if the iPhone app keyboard shortcuts have been designed to work by the minions. And if someone out there is successfully using that setup

I guess from a troubleshooting perspective, does your BT keyboard/iPhone configuration work in any other apps?

I would think it an OS configuration or hardware compatibility issue vs SUFF app porting for iOS.

Yes keyboard works fine with any other app. I guess it’s just not designed to work on iphone

@wommywoo I looked into this question a few weeks ago and it seems that the shortcuts don’t work with the iPad - they just apply to Windows and Mac.

Keyboard Shortcuts

However, I have a Wahoo Element Bolt and have been able to use that with my Kickr to switch between ERG and level mode and also to change levels once in level mode once I set it to indoor training.

Controlling Kickr from Element

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Except I was under the impression @wommywoo had it working with the app on the iPad, but not through the iPhone.

Yes it’s working with ipad app but not the iphone. Might try another BT keyboard

That is interesting, was toying with buying a bolt… Have a Tacx Neo though so likely that won’t connect my turbo

I think those devices can connect via ANT+ but check with the minions to be sure.

Ok - interesting. I should look at that again.

Hi @wommywoo,
If you are still having trouble with this please reach out to the minions. You can do that following the instructions here.

Hello, wommywoo.
It seems that your iPhone suffers a software issue. You can try to use some iOS fixing tool like TunesKit iOS System Recovery or Tenorshare to fix this issue easily.

I too have a Bolt, and have done this in the past by accident. It never, ever, occurred to me to intentionally use it a remote like this. Nice, that will save me standing up and precariously leaning over the handlebars to reach the laptop! Thank you.

Sorry for the threadjack…