Kickr Climb in Level Mode

Hi @CPT_A im sure you’ve already read this and I’m not sure it might have changed with SYSTM but with Level Mode you’d need to increase the gradient yourself

I’m not sure how Wahoo could rectify it unless they brought out a significant software update or a new Climb .?

Roger had seen, thanks.

From an API perspective, would actually (likely) be a small tweak, not an “overhaul”, since its just a change in function state, not any new code.

Indeed. Not a good reason why there couldn’t be a toggle to allow “Climb follows level mode / Application setting”


I just wanted to add my vote to this request…. I’m scheduled to do A Week With Phil Gaimon this week, and the two KOM workouts suggest that the intervals be done in level mode. However, this would me that my KICKR Climb will not react to the incline changes, and given that these intervals are going to be very (very!) hard, I’ll not want to manually change the incline. I’d love it if the Climb worked automatically in level mode.


I just did the Day 3 Phil Gaimon workout which recommends level mode. Most workouts on my KICKR Bike were in ERG mode, so I was a bit puzzled why I was riding at 0% instead of the 13% shown on the screen. Now I know why, and I want to add my vote to allow the sessions to change tilt in level mode. If I want to override it, I can always put tilt back into locked mode.