Kickr Bike Handlebar adjustability

With so much thought put into the adjustability of Kickr bike, I’m surprised that there is no good way to get a proper handlebar fit when being used in a household with different sized people.

Two people in my household. Currently each have a bike set up on a trainer. This takes up significant space in a small room. With the flexibility of the Kickr bike, we were looking to remove those two set ups for one bike. Only problem, we take very different sized handlebars.

While it is possible to replace the stock handlebars that the bike comes with, the problem still exists that we have to very different people using it. There is no one handlebar that will work for both of us. The only way to make this bike work is it either swap the handlebar out of the stem with each user, or purchase as second set of handlebar hardware and just pop that in and out with each user.

The latter would be the best option, except that Wahoo will not sell the additional hardware.

I sent a message to customer service and got a very basic reply. I assume the customer service rep has no ability to look into this issue any further.

Is there anyone at Wahoo who can help sort this out?

I wonder if something like this would work for the two of you? Not sure how robust this would be as it looks to be made specifically for bike fitters/fittings and might not stand up to a SUF load of punishment. You could inquire though.

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This does look interesting. I’m going to look into this a it more, but it may be a solution assuming it can take vigorous use. Thank you.

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@Glen.Coutts I reached out Fit Kit Systems about these bars. The man who responded to my email said that they are indeed suitable for virtual training. It seems we have a solution to our problem.
Thank you, again for your suggestion.

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Glad you found something that will work for you.