Handlebar Comfort Hack!

Hey guys, If you’re getting older like me, with a not so great lower back from racing or riding too many years, you’ll love this hack. It raises the effective bar height & alleviates hand pain. Take a piece of a pool noodle & cut it down for your handlebars. This really takes the pressure off your hands. I use the double thick noodle from Lowe’s. The front end on the KICKR bike is also too low & this helps. I’m also running an adjustable stem from Amazon. I just put a set of FSA k wing flat top bars on from my old race bike. Didn’t tape them yet, wanted to share a pic, this type of bar gives you a great flat spot behind the hoods! I no longer ride on the road, just mountain bike & wanted my Zwift set up closer to that bike, more comfortable.

Hope this helps!


Not sure it’s for me, but it IS an interesting solution, I’ll give you that.

Do the pool noodles rotate/slide around on the handlebars?

They really don’t move much on a carbon bar without bar tape. Sometimes I go around them with tape to keep them tight. Then I place a towel across the top. It really takes the pressure off your hands. If you don’t want as much padding try a regular pool noodle. The one I’m using is extra thick.

Yeah wouldn’t be for me either but if it works for folks, then great!

Ps, OP, strongly consider the strength exercises from SYSTM or your own that you can do. The bad lower back, weakened from years of being in the same position, all of that can be improved and at almost any age.

I used to really discount this stuff, basically only ever focusing on what would improve bike performance, but two years ago I started lifting things over my head and the bad neck / tight shoulders that I struggled with for two decades is now better.

You may have to start small though.


Thanks for sharing. I have a bad back and this could help.
Easier than buying a new stem or flipping the one that’s on my bike.
I will give it a try.

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Try the noodle, you’ll love it! This is also a great stretching routine I do for my back. I like that this guy is a cyclist!

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Here’s my final install! I double tape with cork first then I use Lizard Skin 1.8 bar tape, it’s the best tape out there, super grippy!

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