Received KICKR BIKE SHIFT, have questions

I just took delivery of a KICKR BIKE SHIFT and even without being plugged in, the cranks feel as if they are mechanically binding from too much preload on the “bottom bracket.” This is evident when backpedaling where it’s effectively uncoupled from the flywheel. I tried redoing the preload on the left crank since it’s like Shimano Hollowtech with the preload cap and two pinch-bolts, but that didn’t help. I can’t really tell if this is a mechanical issue or if it’s just the base magnetic resistance. It doesn’t feel as smooth as a competitor’s smart bike which this is meant to replace.

Additionally I received a clip-on shell for the connection/junction box. It provides only a little bit of bump protection to the connector itself, but the connector can still be disconnected easily with a tug/bump of the cord.

Also the seatpost slippage issue DCRainmaker has mentioned is very real. I tried using Motorex Carbon Paste (chemical property based friction modification instead of grit) on it even though it’s alloy-on-alloy. That didn’t help. I had to tighten down the QR and then further tighten the hex bolt on the other end to >16n-m.

The three-legged base also has very little ground clearance and it bows down in the center. There’s a lot of flex in the system and I predict the bolts in the center might touch the floor mat during sprints.

Here is my first ride on it. Almost 3% off on average vs my Assiomas, while the sprints are very close. I have many pairs of pedal power meters, so I will be swapping a new one on every week or so to get a sense of the accuracy. These pedals have also been vetted against other trainers, a few Quarqs and a Power2Max.

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Wow. Big congrats on the new purchase, @ceugene! This is one I would take straight to the Minions though, rather than the forum here.

For all the company’s struggles elsewhere, the support Minions have always been first-rate.

I wasn’t clear, but I wasn’t asking for support…just making observations. Based on reading previous threads, the pedaling feel is “normal.”

My only real concern is the 3% power discrepancy since I bought this as a replacement for my SB20 in order to comply with 2024 eSports rules. Being down 3% on power would be pretty devastating when racing against my peers at eSports Nationals or in other major elite races.


Turns out the KICKR BIKE SHIFT is accurate and my Assiomas’ calibration has gone a bit sour. My Vector 3s match up within 1.5W at threshold efforts, and that’s upon the first couple of rides after install. Traditionally pedal-based PMs require several rides to full relieve the threads of “residual torque” before the offsets stabilize.

One minor issue is I’m getting massive creaking out of the legs under sprinting. I’m guessing the overlapped bolted down area needs a layer of thick grease.

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