Kickr CLIMB isn’t working

Hi there. I’ve reached out to support and done a bunch of searches but haven’t found a solution yet. My CLIMB won’t respond to grade changes automatically. I have a Kickr Climb paired to a version 5 Kickr trainer. Firmware is updated on both units. The white light is solid on the climb remote, it’s unlocked and it shows up in the wahoo app as connected. I have it in ERG mode in a supported SYSTM workout and also during a non planned workout ride in Zwift and it won’t change heights. In SYSTM, it’s showing up as controllable. If I change the level/grade in either SYSTM or Zwift it will respond so I know the apps can control the climb. Unfortunately it just isn’t responding automatically to grade changes when it should. Is there a setting I’m missing? Is the trainer defective in this regard (I even tried a second CLIMB with no difference)? Thank you!

What OS are you running SYSTM on? There is a known problem with MacOS Monterey that they’re working on

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Also, what rides are you using? Not every ride in SYSTM has controllable inclines. Are you taking a “climbing” ride? I’ve taken plenty of rides and only a handful of them seem set up to use the climb.

If you do use Zwift, try a run up to the radio tower and see if that works for you?

My initial question as well. My other most basic question would be are you unlocking the Climb before your ride? I have the same setup, running in MacOS and/or iPadOS, and have had no problems. I have the Snap, so do the spindown in the Wahoo app before each ride, where I can verify that my Climb is paired to my Kickr. But I note that every time it powers on, it defaults to lock mode.

Verify in the Wahoo app that your Climb is paired to your Kickr and make sure it’s in unlocked mode before you ride.

Thanks. I’ve verified that each of the rides I’ve tried are supported according to wahoo.

If this is true, it would certainly explain it. I’ve asked Wahoo about this to confirm. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Thanks!

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@Tahoebrad I Can 100% confirm. I am on Monterey and my Climb does not respond via Bluetooth. I am able to get it to work just fine with Ant+ FE-C though. I am also fortunate to be able to use my iPhone as a back up, connected via an adapter and HDMI to a bigger screen. Both are suitable (yet not ideal) workarounds until they can fix the Monterey bug.

Thanks so much. It’s frustrating that this isn’t obvious on their site and Wahoo support hasn’t mentioned it after 6 emails…

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I’m honestly not sure how broadly aware the minions are of the issue but I feel your pain. Hang in there. HopefulLy the Ant+ or alternate device option is available to you.