KICKR Climb Issues

I’ve been having issues with my Climb so I called support. I was told it might be a power supply issue. Before I had them send a new power supply, I wanted to make sure the equipment was properly connected. While I was on a trip, we had the room painted and my KICKR v5 and Climb were disconnected and reconnected. I asked support and was told the 12 volt / 5 amp went to the Climb. When I researched online, I found Wahoo was selling a replacement power supply for the KICKR and it showed 12 volt / 5 amp.

Can someone with a Climb in the US look at their power supply and give me the specs? The best I can tell the Climb has a 24 volt / 3 amp.


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Pictured here are my Climb power supply (on the left) and KICKR v5 power supply. The Climb supply is considerably larger and says the output is 24.0V, 10.0A. The KICKR v5 power supply says 12.0V 5.0A. Hope that helps!

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That’s perfect. I think they gave me bad information. I didn’t want to change anything until I was certain. The KICKR itself was working fine. Hopefully, I can this cleared up with Wahoo on Monday and get the correct power supply replacement.

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Hi dmgadry61, I got the same response from wahoo support, they are sending me a power supply replacement. My climb can rise with the bike alone but failed with me on the bike. I wonder if yours had the same issue.

The power supply did fix my issue with the Climb.


Recently, I began having some issues with my Kickr Climb. Unlike my first experience, the unit will rise and decline without me on it. This time it has difficulty dealing with quick and extreme changes in elevation (particularly declines). It appears to function normally when changes are are more gradual. I adjusted Zwift to 50% reality and it appeared to largely mitigate the issue. On Rouvy at 100% it appeared to work until I reached a severe downhill.

I submitted a support ticket and they provided a procedure for receiving a replacement unit. Before I proceed with my request, I wanted to make sure the unit was not in fact functioning as intended. I was wondering if anyone is aware of the expected delay from the signal from the software to the change in elevation? If the delay is too long this would seem to explain problems with rapid and severe changes in elevation.

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