KICKR CORE & Giant Escape

Hi, I have a KICKR CORE + Zwift Cog, which I want to use with a Giant Escape 2019. The problem is Giants quick release system is 142mm x 10mm. Is there a way to get this working on the core? Thank You

That QR does not appear to be compatible with any of the Kickr series afaik.

Thanks @Glen.Coutts the mistake is mine, it’s a 135/10. The problem is the floor was uneven making the bike lean to one side. Best

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That’s awesome. The Core is SUCH a great value, if I didn’t already have a Kickr ‘18, I’d totally get the Core. Glad I could help!

But wait a sec, @David_Kolb, is the escape a 7 speed or 8 speed? You might need to make a direct support request to Wahoo if it’s 7.

You can reach them here: