Kickr Firmware 4.2.7 Buggy or Broken

To (hopefully) close the loop on this: today I got a note from Wahoo that said they think they fixed the problem. I updated my KICKR firmware to 4.2.8. Happily, I wasn’t able to make the crazy power spikes happen! I hope the update works for the rest of you too.


I’ve tried 4.2.8. I no longer get power spikes. I would recommend doing a spindown after upgrading as my kickr was reporting around 7w lower than my pedals. Post-spindown it was within 1w.


This happened on your KICKR CORE ? Which FW version ?

I updated my Core, and I have no longer gotten the spikes. Knock on wood, everything seems to be working now.

We last updated KICKR CORE in October 21 and before that June 21.

What firmware version are you on?

I’ll have to check when I’m at home. I do know that after I set up my KICKR, I updated the firmware once, then, when I saw the spikes, I saw that I could update again. I know this doesn’t help until you know what version I’m running, but until I can hook up to my KICKR, I won’t be able to get you the version. I’ll get it tonight.

I think you have a KICKR v5 not a KICKR CORE. Then this makes sense and the new version fixes the problem.

Damn, yes, you are correct, sorry for any confusion I caused. After a few hours on it, my brain gets a little fuzzy about details. Thank you though for the responses!

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I upgraded my kickr v5 to 4.2.8 a couple weeks back. It still has power spikes but now it happens when erg mode starts again after a brief pause instead of during the brief pause. Disappointing.

I’d open a ticket with Wahoo.