Kickr Firmware 4.2.7 Buggy or Broken

I updated my Kickr a couple of days ago and now my power numbers and cadence numbers are all over the place. If you look at my power numbers for my rides prior to the update and my power numbers after the update the difference is so obvious. I am unable to match the target where before the update I pretty much matched target power. I am seeing spikes of well over 2,000 watts and cadence dropping to zero. I believe the new firmware has a bug in it at least on my Kickr. Has anyone else experienced the same issue and does anyone know how to roll back the firmware? My rides have been in Systm and in Zwift. I will be reaching out to tech support tomorrow. Thanks


Me too. Power seems jumpier. Although cadence seems fine. Today, it told me my max power was over 2000 watts—I’m and it happened during a moment when I wasn’t pedaling. Let me know what the minions say.


Thanks for the heads up - I’ll avoid letting the firmware update for the time being. Interested to hear what response you get from the minions.

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I updated and for me it seemed to make my power more accurate - or at least match my Assioma’s to within a couple of watts - no spikes or dropouts seen. Did you do the Bluetooth off and on after completing the update on your device?


I’m having the same problem. Power all of the place, toping out at over 1,000 watts in Systm and Zwift. My app, Android, doesn’t appear to offer the option to roll back the firmware like I have read in other posts. If you look at my rides pre and post update, a quick glance at the power graph shows an obvious problem.

Sounds like a job for the minions :slight_smile:

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I did the Boswell 3:Strength and Endurance and for the most part the Kickr was fine. Not as good as the previous firmware. Not as responsive and in Erg mode takes a while before watts and cadence settle into place. I think it is struggling to match power to cadence. Biggest problem cadence dropouts. Especially at 110 rpm.

Running into this as well! Did my first workout and my cadence was going crazy.

Same for me, I have several 2000+ watt spikes in every ERG mode workout in Zwift. I have not noticed the issue when not in ERG mode.

I duplicated a ride that I had done before, Boswell 4 Winning Efforts. Power matched the pre 4.2.7 firmware. However, cadence displayed many dropouts that are not in my pre 4.2.7 firmware ride. There were no dropouts earlier firmware.

Any updates on this? I did a search but didn’t see anything further.

I have reached out to Wahoo and shared with them pictures of my ride data in Systm. I showed them an identical Systm ride done with the old firmware and new firmware. The dropouts were quite obvious. They responded that they have not had any widespread reports of issues with the new firmware. I have had a couple of decent rides this week, close to FTP and above, where the power has remained steady with a few cadence dropouts. However, I just did a low power recovery ride and power spikes and cadence dropouts appeared. Thus far I feel that they’ve been attentive. I will keep giving them data in search of a solution.

I’ve also been communicating with Wahoo on this. My post-upgrade symptom is massive power spikes (like over 2000 watts) after brief times stopping pedaling (like to adjust my shoe). Only happens in ERG and happens much more with higher gears. In small ring/big cog can’t make it happen at all. I’ve sent them a bunch of FIT files showing the behavior after several tests. Still on communication.

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AkaPete, exactly the same for me. Only in ERG mode when I stop pedaling briefly to adjust my shoes. Except for the huge spikes, the power in general seems accurate, as I also measure with my Assioma pedals and the two are very close.

I’ll post any solutions or conclusions here when Wahoo gets back to me.

A couple questions:

  1. Did the surges ever happen with prior firmware?

  2. I assume you don’t see the surges on pedal measured power. Is that right?

  3. What gear do you ride in? I found that if used my smallest gear (small ring, big cog—for me a 34/28) the problem when away. That doesn’t make it not a problem, just a way to mitigate it.

Just got a reply from Wahoo:

This is an issue we are aware of and we have opened an internal ticket with our development team to investigate and resolve the problem.

I think that’s good news. My guess is that there’s a subtle algorithm problem where better accuracy in most conditions is causing a blip in some. Hopefully they’ll sort it out soon.

There were no surges prior to the latest firmware. There are no surges on the Assiomas. I generally use the big chainring when on ERG mode unless I’m doing short intervals. Thanks for the workaround.

I have an open ticket on this issue. Yesterday I submitted additional proof from my Tour ride Sunday showing the spikes and cadence drops along with a photo of my Ant+ dongle right next to the rear of my trainer.

Just updated my Kickr Core (Should have read reviews first!) and all of a sudden, I’m spiking at 2000 watts. It happened at least 5 times yesterday on a 1.5 hour workout. Keeping my fingers crossed that Kickr pushes out a patch soon. More of an annoyance than anything else, but still shouldn’t be happening.

The workaround for now is to ride ERG in your smallest gear: small ring, biggest cog. Worked for me v

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