KICKR Headwind - Minimum Possible on HR Control?


I’ve just taken delivery of my Headwind and had a quick play with it, including setting it up with my HRM which is how I want to control it. I’ve got the HR thresholds set to 142bpm min and 170bpm max, which I was thinking would mean that the fan wouldn’t come on (at low) until my HR reached 140, but it was on even with me just stood there with my HR in the 60s. It certainly got higher as my HR increased and dropped back down again, but it never stopped.

Training in my garage over winter, it’s often very cold when I start, so I really don’t want a fan on whilst I’m still warming up (especially blowing even colder air from ground level), which is why I hoped it would come on only once I hit my minimum HR (Z2), but it seems that it’s always on in HR mode. Is this right? Do I have to leave the fan off until I’ve warmed up?



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