hy guys, I’ve recently had a problem with the wahoo headwind.
If I do a workout in erg mode in systm and then switch on the headwind, my kickrv5 can no longer hold the watts. The kickr goes to idle, so to speak. If I switch off headwind again, the erg mode of the kickr works again.
does anyone have a similar problem or maybe even a solution?

Haven’t had this problem but I’m following just in case.

Questions though…
How is your headwind controlled (speed, HR, manual?)

With what app and what platform are you connecting the Kickr and is it via Bluetooth or Ant+ (not like this matters but I’m curious).

always have the same setup.

Laptop with Windows. kickr headwind with Bluetooth and tickr heartrate with ant+
Everything has worked flawlessly until now. I always control the headwind with HR.
But now I always have the error no matter whether with HR or with the Wahoo fitness app.

Since no one has weighed in yet, if you haven’t already, you should submit a support request:

The only thing I can think of is that if you haven’t fully closed another app that may be stealing the BTLE control. Eg. if you have the WFA app open on your phone at the same time as you are using SYSTM on your laptop. At the very least, I would try turning off BTLE on your mobile device and see if you still have the issue.